Kunst bei Cuisines Cartier | 8. August 2015

Burning Man by Joël Cartier

Joël Cartier covered the probably most spectacular global art-happening „Burning Man“ for the on-board magazine of an international airline. 

Every year artists from all continents get together in the black desert (Nevada, USA) to build their magnificent constructions and then burn them as the highlight at the end of the festival. A cycle of appearance and disappearance as it were.

Since August 2012, we have had the pleasure of exhibiting an extensive selection of Burning Man pictures on the premises of Les Cuisines Cartier. Appointments to view these can be arranged with us any time.

Joël Cartier (born 1984) is owner of Joel Cartier GmbH, one of the leading enterprises in the area of photography and video-production in Europe.

Link to the artist: www.joelcartier.com