Culinary Team-Events or Cooking Courses in Basel

We turn a cooking course into an event and invite you and your colleagues and clients to participate in something exceptional. As a regional provider of cooking events we present you with a fine selection of appetizing team events in Basel.

Your cooking studio in Basel wishes you bon appétit

Our wish is to share our culinary knowledge with as many cooking enthusiasts as possible, which is why we offer cooking courses in Basel. We will assist you in conjuring up unique dishes from a category of your choice.


  • Indian
  • seasonal
  • vegetarian
  • Thai
  • traditional and
  • countless other dishes

…in our cooking studio

Exciting cooking event in the cooking school of Basel

Our cooking studio in Basel has been offering professional events for groups up to fifty participants since 2007. We won’t let you stew on your own – but we will guide you while cooking and together we will create exquisite dishes from a wide variety of world cuisines.


Art – New Exhibition soon | 29. August 2017

Was ist Kunst? Was sind Perspektiven und was lösen diese aus?

Verändere deine Sicht und alles verändert sich mit…

Link zum Künstler


Building Signage | 23. September 2016

Following a long wait, the Cuisines Cartier building signage is now up!

Kunst bei Cuisines Cartier | 8. August 2015

Burning Man by Joël Cartier

Joël Cartier covered the probably most spectacular global art-happening „Burning Man“ for the on-board magazine of an international airline.  (more…)