Upcoming artist! | 13. February 2019

Dürfen wir vorstellen


Ab dem 18. Februar 2019 sind die neuesten Werke von Stephanie Künzli exklusiv bei uns ausgestellt. Ihre Kunst spricht für sich…

Mehr Informationen unter www.stephaniekuenzli.com

Wellbeing | 4. September 2018

Health and mindfulness has been part of our everyday life for some time, and that’s a good thing. Less time for some important presentations, for organizing your work or time for your staff and team. Times have become more stressful, no question … With our tailor-made team events you can do something good for you and your team. Relax in great company, your team, and find your way back to your well-being. The added value is as obvious as it is ingenious.


Art – New Exhibition soon | 29. August 2017

Was ist Kunst? Was sind Perspektiven und was lösen diese aus?

Verändere deine Sicht und alles verändert sich mit…

Link zum Künstler


Building Signage | 23. September 2016

Following a long wait, the Cuisines Cartier building signage is now up!

Kunst bei Cuisines Cartier | 8. August 2015

Burning Man by Joël Cartier

Joël Cartier covered the probably most spectacular global art-happening „Burning Man“ for the on-board magazine of an international airline.  (more…)